ABC Animal Training

ABC® since 1994: Dolphin Discovery has developed the positive reinforcement training system for our marine mammals family, to happily learn the best behaviors. Thanks to this system, we have gotten well experienced Marine Mammals Specialists and professionals with special love and care for our animal species.

ABC Animal Training focuses on the art of positive reinforcement and gives students more in-water time than any other comparable program, making sure your experience leaves you with a tangible skill-set meant to guide you toward a fulfilling career. ABC’s two workshop levels; basic and advanced, will help foster confidence in both the beginner and master-level learner, offering unparalleled opportunities for networking, job interview preparation and team-building alongside practical application in marine mammal training.

Marine Mammal Specialists
  • The training courses are imparted in two levels: Basic and Advanced. The more experienced Marine Mammal Specialists help forging the self-confidence in our students in the beginners level and in the advanced level. This course also offers incommensurable opportunities of professional networking, interviews and even team forming with practical implementation on marine animal training.
  • Our method is based on the art of positive reinforcement rewarding, for our marine mammals family to happily accomplish the knowledge of required behaviors. Thanks to this method, the trainees get more in-water time to achieve a better knowledge and commitment with our marine species.
Practice's Place
  • Dolphin Discovery offers a unique learning environment. ABC students study in an impressive facility alongside highly experienced instructors, who eases them into a professional environment. In addition to working with Dolphins, students get the opportunity to interact with more species, including manatees, sea lions and tropical birds. To include innovative face sessions, along with the practice, grants our future Marine Mammals Specialists to work and interact with marine mammal instructors, that are very professional and well experienced.
  • Promote career building in the marine mammal training profession. The Academy guides professionals to a rewarding career in animal training by providing students with skills and knowledge to improve career opportunities. Dedicated to improving the quality of lives of animals, both wild and living under human care, through training, education and conservation.