Dolphin Discovery Group is the largest Dolphins Company in the world.

A Company with history, social responsability, ecological conscience and respect for animal species. Dolphin Discovery offers the unforgettable experience of swimming with Dolphins, sea lions, manatees and also the option of whale watching in Los Cabos; being always in natural scenarios and managing educational programs with a closer interaction with these animal species.

Alliance of Marine Mammals Parks and Aquariums

Since 2007, Dolphin Discovery has been a member of the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums, and has the greatest number of habitats in the world certified by AMMPA. The Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums (AMMPA) is the international association that represents Marine Mammals in parks, aquariums, zoos and research centers, as well as the professionals and the organizations that care for them. AMMPA members are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of care for Marine Mammals through the preservation of nature, public education and scientific research.

Empresa Socialmente Responsable (Socially Responsible Company)

Since 2006, Dolphin Discovery Group has proudly received the Socially Responsible Distinctive from the Mexican Centre of Philanthropy. This award is given for fulfilling the highest standards in 4 main areas: Quality of life within the Company, Bonds within Society, Ethics and Contribution to Environmental Conservation. Grupo Dolphin Discovery is proud of, despite accomplish the mission of sharing the happiness of making the dream of swimming with dolphins in the experience of your life, keeping up with the commitment with people, the environment and the communities.

IAAPA International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions

Dolphin Discovery is member of IAAPA – “International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions”, association that unites the main parks and non-itinerant attractions of the world. Today it has more than 4,800 members in more than 90 countries all over the world, which gives Dolphin Discovery international presence when participating on the diverse events that this association organizes each year. It provides advise and support over different marketing strategies, security and efficiency to keep the high quality standards that the industry requires.

Súper Empresas Expansión 2016

Since 2013, Grupo Dolphin Discovery has been awarded "Súper Empresas Expansión" (Expansion Leading Companies). The selection of the Companies in this ranking is based on the superior management of the Human Resources, Cultural Improvement, Leadership and Communication, as well as other corporate standards. This really motivates us because it means that Dolphin Discovery is a high quality Company, based on human resources management, policy wise, with procedures and practices that fortify the organizational culture and working environment. Dolphin Discovery Group foregrounds in between the Mexican southeast companies because it has an organizational culture well-rooted in its associates, whom voted for it.

Trip Advisor

Dolphin Discovery has the certificate of Excellence given by Trip Advisor. It is granted annually only to those establishments that had received comments and positive points on the biggest web page of the world “Trip Advisor”. Only a 10% of all the establishments that figure on this website get this precious award each year. These establishments are those who posses the best record of points, recent comments, positively and constantly, conceived by the audience during 12 months. The travelers make plans and get the perfect trip with Trip Advisor, relaying on liable advices posted by real travelers from around the globe, with 260 millions of unique visitors per month and more than 125 millions of opinions and comments over 2,7 millions of lodges, restaurants and places of interest. Dolphin Discovery is very proud of being part of it.

Instituto Nacional de las Mujeres (National Institute of Women)

Encourage the team to continue to grow and excel, is an essential part of Dolphin Discovery Group, which has worked every day to achieve this certification in the Gender Equity Model (GEM). Dolphin Discovery Group was certified by the National Institute of Women, awarded to companies that are committed to improve the welfare of its members to incorporate strategies to promote equality in the workplace and personnel for men and women. This certification generates a significant impact for the company as it improves organizational climate, strengthens the human capital of organizations and promotes equal opportunities for women and men, improving working conditions.

IMATA International Marine Animal Trainers' Association

Our techniques of professional training are supported by organizations such as the International Marine Animal Trainers' Association (IMATA), which has accredited 14 Dolphin Discovery habitats for exceeding the standards of animal wellbeing and care. Dolphin Discovery has more dolphin habitats accredited by IMATA than any other organization in the world. As a special recognition during an IMATA Convention, Dolphin Discovery received a distinctive award in the “Medical Care” category, for the excellent care of animals during crisis when Hurricane Wilma struck Cozumel.